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Philodendron White knight

Philodendron White knight

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White Knight philodendron has its origin from South America.

Its round leaves, along with its color variation of green, white, and purple, give it a beautiful and fascinating outlook.


Philodendron White Knight flourishes in a well-drained moist soil thoroughly mixed with organic content such as peat moss, compost, etc. 


Philodendron White Knight requires mild sunlight to thrive. Filtered sunlight is most desirable. Direct exposure to sunlight will lead to the burning of leaves.


Philodendron White Knight is a water-loving plant. Watering should be done with a moderate amount of water. You must ensure the plant’s soil is moist at all times.

Watering with excessive water must be avoided to prevent killing the plant.

When the plant’s soil is excessively watered or saturated with water, it reduces the rate of oxygen intake by the plate from the soil. It could lead to rotting of the plant root, which is the most critical and crucial part of a plant.

This plant comes in a 2.5” pot. The plant pictured is the exact plant you will receive.