Philodendron Tortum

Philodendron Tortum

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Philodendron Tortum is also called Philodendron Bipinattifidum. It is an evergreen plant that belongs to the Arum family. The Philodendron Tortum is a multistemmed vine with a bushy appearance and is considered an epiphyte. The leaves of the Tortum look like a skeleton due to their thin and long appearance.


Philodendron Tortum should be watered well, deep enough so that the soil does not get dry too soon. However, standing water should be drained immediately to prevent clogging.


Philodendron Tortum enjoys medium sunlight and will grow best with bright indirect light. This means the plant prefers indirect light as direct light damages the plant.


Philodendron Tortum’s love high humidity. These plants enjoy growing in hot and humid environmental conditions. The plant can tolerate between 60 to 80 percent humidity.


These plants are in 4" pots and are growers choice.