Monstera Adansonii sp. Laniata

Monstera Adansonii sp. Laniata

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Monstera Adansonii sp. Laniata is a variety of Adansonii that’s relatively uncommon.  The main differences are that the fenestrations start at the center of the leaves and that the leaves have a pleated feel to them.  These do tend to get larger fenestrations than normal Adansonii.  Easy growing plants that require little attention.


Considering the natural habitat of a Monstera adansonii, it grows in the sparsely lit jungles of South and Central America. Keeping this in mind, this plant prefers to be near sunlight, but not directly in it. Bright indirect light is the best for a good growing Monstera Adansonii.


Generally water about once a week in indoor houseplant conditions. Make sure that the soil never completely dries out and keep it slightly moist.


When grown inside, they tend to prefer rooms kept at a temperature between 64 – 81 °F. Anything below 64°F will tremendously slow down any plant growth. Below this temperature, you risk that your Adansonii is wilting and dying from cold. It can take short periods of cold temperatures but longer exposures will result in die back or death of your plant. 


The humidity requirement of your Monstera adansonii will be somewhat higher than other houseplants. Keep the room anywhere between an average or high humidity for the happiest plant. You can always mist the leaves to ensure that these needs are met. This is not necessary to keep your Monstera Adansonii plant alive but can increase its health and growth.

These plants are in 4”.

Plant pictured is representative of the plant you will receive. All are generally the same size.