Hoya Burtoniae

Hoya Burtoniae

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Hoya Burtoniae is a vining epiphytic plant. It has attractive waxy foliage and produces sweetly scented flowers. Native to Philippines, it makes an easy houseplant, ideally suited for pots or a hanging basket.

Like all species of Hoya, Hoya Burtoniae flowers from spurs. These appear from the axils of the leaves and stem; flowers may not be produced when the spurs first appear, but in time buds emerge from the tips. Each season new flowers are produced on these same spurs, so they should not be damaged or removed.

The plant flowers from spring to late summer, it can produce umbels of 10 to 25 small star-shaped flowers that mature gradually (2 to 3 weeks) on the same peduncle. The scent is strongest in the early evening.


Bright indirect light


Allow soil to dry between waterings


These are in 4" pots and are growers choice.