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Hoya Carnosa “Chelsea”

Hoya Carnosa “Chelsea”

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Hoya Chelsea is a perfect plant for your conservatory garden or your living room. It is a Carnosa variety with cupped semi-succulent leaves. Hoya Carnosa plants are not just the oldest but also the best flowerers with easy plant care.


Hoya Chelsea has simple water requirements. It needs very little water compared to many other indoor varieties. If you are struggling to find the perfect time to water this plant, just wait for the top 1-2″ of the soil surface to dry.


Choose a warm, Bright room of your house to grow the Hoya Chelsea. Appropriate sunlight will help your plant produce white flowers. However, your plant should be shaded from direct sunlight; else, the leaves and flowers will scorch.


The ideal humidity level for the Hoya Chelsea plant is around 60%. However, like other Carnosa varieties, it can also grow in average indoor humidity of 30-40%.


These plants are in 4" pots and are growers choice.