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Philodendron Golden Saw

Philodendron Golden Saw

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The Philodendron Golden Saw is a beautiful mutation of the saw-toothed philodendron. New leaves emerge orange, and gradually fade to a golden, then light green shade. 

This plant can tolerate a drier growing medium, but will do well if you water it regularly. Check that the growing medium is about halfway dry, then water thoroughly. 

This plant will benefit from being in a location with medium indirect light. A few hours of gentle sun will also be enjoyed. Do not expose this plant to direct sun rays for prolonged periods.

This plant requires a high humidity environment (75% >) to thrive, although it will tolerate a slightly less humid location.

This plant is poisonous. All Philodendrons contain calcium oxalate which are especially toxic to pets. Keep away from curious animals and young children.

Plant pictured is the exact plant you will receive. All options are priced based off of their variegation and size. Please make note of any leaf damage. These plants are in 4' pots and will ship in their pots.

Plants pictured is representative of the plant you will receive. Plants are in 4” pots and are growers choice.