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Calathea Dottie

Calathea Dottie

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Calathea Dottie are a gorgeous addition to any collection. The Purple in these leaves will add a splash of color in any room.


It’s very important that your Calathea Dottie does not receive direct light. If this plant is placed underneath direct sunlight it can burn the leaves and damage the plant. Instead find a spot for it where it receives medium strength light and is protected from the sun.


Calathea need to be kept fairly moist but this doesn’t mean that they should be sitting in water. You will probably need to water your Calathea Dottie around once a week. Check the moisture of the soil and as the top two inches are starting to dry out then it’s time to give your plant a drink. You might also find that tap water is too harsh for this plant and you may want to consider using filtered water instead.


Calathea do well in higher levels of humidity. The leaves will start to crisp i

f the air is too dry.

These plants are in 4” pots.

Plant pictured is representative of the plant you will receive and is not the exact plant.