Amydrium Medium

Amydrium Medium

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Amydrium is a genus of flowering plants in the family Araceae that is native to Southeast Asia, southern China, and New Guinea. This plant loves to climb! the fenestrations in the leaves because more pronounced as climbs and matures. 


This is a medium light plant but can tolerate low light. Avoid too much direct sun because the leaves will burn. Dappled sunlight is ideal.  


Once weekly. Allow potting mix to dry out before watering. Water more frequently during warmer months and fertilise during growth season.  Generally, the plant will droop to show that it needs more water. Do not overwater or keep the soil wet for too long, as this will encourage root rot. If leaves are yellowing due to overwatering, skip a week or two of watering.




This plant is TOXIC for humans and animals when ingested

Plant pictured is representative of the plant you will receive. all plants are in 4" pots and are growers choice