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Hoya Bella

Hoya Bella

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Hoya Bella is native to the tropical forest regions of Australia, Indonesia, India, and China. This species is often referred to as Miniature Wax plant, Wax Vine, Porcelain flower, and Wax plant. Wax plants symbolize wealth and protection.

It is among the fastest-growing Hoyas. It requires minimal care; the less you do, the better your Hoya Bella will perform.


This plant loves bright indirect light.


Water your Hoya Bella thoroughly and allow at least the top inch or two of potting soil to dry before watering the plant again. Never allow the soil to be swampy or standing in water.

Hoya Bella goes dormant in winter and will not need much water. Water this plant less often in the winter. You should water the Hoya Bella moderately from spring to autumn.

This plant cannot dry out the way other Hoyas’ do. Hoya Bella has smaller and less succulent leaves, and it likes to be watered as soon as it is dry since it cannot retain as much moisture.




These Hoya Bella are in 4" pots and are grower's choice.

The plant pictured is representative of the plant you will receive.