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Hoya Australis

Hoya Australis

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Hoya australis is a fast-growing climbing vine with trails up to 3m. It is an easy-to-care plant, and the air-purifying qualities make it a classic houseplant.

Hoyas’ have exceptional tolerance for neglect. The easy-to-care Hoya australis is excellent for any indoor space and does not require lots of water or maintenance. Choose a well-aerated, well-draining potting mixture and provide lots of sunlight during the active growing season.


This plant has low to medium water requirements. The succulent leaves will store water, so allow the soil to dry between waterings. This plant also like humid environments. 

Hoya australis will easily indicate under-watering through its leaves. If the leaves get crinkly, your plant needs a drink.


Just like several other Hoya plants, Hoya australis also needs bright but indirect light and embraces the sun all year round. It will also enjoy some early morning or late afternoon direct sunshine. This plant needs full sun, but to protect it from sunburns, I would suggest keeping the plant a few feet away from direct sun. Intense direct sunlight will damage and burn the leaves. Never place your Hoya australis in a drafty window.

This plant is in a 4” pot. The plant pictured is the exact plant you will receive.